“Taylor Donarski is  embarking on a mission to activate people’s imaginations through wild imagery and intense colors.  Her passion is to provide a healing atmosphere through artwork. She has created a collapsible, traveling, gallery called The Ascension Project to hold space at festivals for healing workshops and community art showings. She is primarily an acrylic mural painter who has been hand stretching lifesize canvas for the last several years. Her use of symbols seem to communicate an esoteric energy that she describes as “Source Energy”. She explains that “Source Energy” is the place from which we all create. Her  use of color to captivate ones attention is  cerebral, while you might also sense a spiking of curiosity through her use of symbols and hidden images. There are notes of lessons in life that her paintings offer, guiding the viewer up and down all parts of the canvas, guiding your eyes and mind. This perception often leaves viewers with a curiosity to explore themselves… like taking a flashlight to a crystal tavern; this energy can be used to explore the inner self of each person who is open to an adventure. Her goal is to provide a visual representation of the infinite possibilities in life that stem from One rising to their True Purpose. Taylor believes that all people are born with an individual calling; and says that pure magic erupts from the soul when One rises to their own unlimited potential. As she grows into her Self, she looks forward to providing the world with more details on her sacred path of visionary artwork.”






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Call me at (206) 413-1771, email me at Artist.Donarski@gmail.com, or use the form below.